Brought to you by AAB Consulting, “The Luminate Collective Podcast” launched on Monday, October 23. The podcast is a series of conversations that capture the transformative moments in the lives of leaders. As we know, leadership takes many forms and the “Bookmark Moments" shared in each episode help us understand how past decisions and experiences have informed the present lives of these amazing people.

The series is an exciting offering for everyone interested in ‘life and leadership’ – in all its forms. It will appeal to those thinking about their future career, those starting out on their journey as well as budding entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts and the most seasoned leaders. Each of the eight 45-minute episodes delves into the lives of normal people with extraordinary stories, revealing the turning points that have shaped their careers and lives.

Who shares their story?

From the audacious journey of Caroline Lamb, CEO of NHS Scotland, navigating her way from punk culture into the most senior corridors of leadership, to Dr. Amanda Sykes, who retraces her steps from an unconventional beginning in education to becoming the Academic Design Lead for the University of Glasgow’s Transformation Team.

What sets The Luminate Collective apart is its genuine and raw approach. Beyond their titles, the guests share life stories, discussing the personal and vulnerable experiences that have contributed to their success.

The series also features Lauren McIlroy, Partner and Head of Virtual Finance Function at The AAB Group, who poignantly states: "I want excellent women to succeed, and I don't want it to be difficult. Why is it more difficult for us? It shouldn't be."

Where did the idea come from?

The Luminate Collective was an idea that Lesley Fordyce, CEO of AAB Consulting had been considering for a while. She said, “As consultants we are privileged to meet a diverse range of amazing people every day. With that privilege comes responsibility; to listen, support and advocate. Many of the people we meet are in very senior leadership positions and their stories are well-known; others have stories that need to be told because they inspire and shine a light for others. I am so grateful that we have been able to bring this idea to life.”

The host, Sian Parker, Consultant at AAB Consulting added, “Launching a podcast was something new for all of us but we knew we wanted to create something valuable and insightful for listeners. I hope people enjoy listening to the conversations as much as I have enjoyed having them”.

Listeners can find "The Luminate Collective" on all major podcast platforms. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts and get ready to be inspired!

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