Changing the Way Businesses Communicate
Tom Sime

Tom Sime

Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

Since the invention of the telephone more than a century ago, the way businesses work changed across the world. The rise of the mobile phone and the internet has since radically changed the way in which businesses communicate with their customers.

This dramatic social change has brought significant customer service challenges to industries that are striving to keep pace with the increasing expectations of their customers.

In today's fast-paced world, making it easy for customers to do business with you is vital.

Investing in the right technology

Businesses across the world are investing in the latest innovative technologies to continually improve the way they deliver customer service and approach to everyday problems.

Keeping ahead of your competitors means providing a better customer experience. Having the right tools in place and adopting technology that allows a workforce to operate remotely can give your business that extra edge.

An efficient business telephone system streamlines good communication between your staff and your customers. The telephone offers a faster interaction than email, is more personal, less open to misinterpretation, and also quick and easy to use.

Using technology intelligently

Utilising technology effectively and intelligently within your business helps to ensure customers feel a greater satisfaction.

Whether they want to contact by telephone, mobile, online, live chat or social media, having all of these methods available enables customers to have the power of choice.

Your business can begin at its own pace with one channel such as voice, for example, and add other channels such as email as your business and customer needs evolve.

Innovation at its best

Being at the forefront of technology is a key driver of any successful business.

With so many cost-effective telecommunications solutions available, investing in the right technologies and delivering the best customer service possible will help your business continue to grow, year on year.

Customers will choose to stay loyal to companies who they feel provide the right and easily accessible solutions, making it easy for them to do business with you.

Make it easier to do business

Making use of the latest technology, such as audio and video conferencing, can set a company apart from the competition, highlighting to potential clients that its business places importance on being at the forefront of the latest technology trends and business practices.

The latest innovative conferencing systems are extremely versatile and mobile. Anyone can access them from any part of an office or when out of the office, making it crucial when split second decisions needs to be made and meetings need to be moved or rescheduled. Moreover, no meetings need to be delayed or disrupted due to strikes, traffic jams and delayed flights, leading to improved efficiency.

Having the right communications tools in place is vital to any company wanting to provide the best customer service possible, at all times. To discuss your company’s requirements and how Exchange Communications can help, call us on 0800 008 7600 or visit