Cognition Coaching

Most businesses say their people are their biggest asset and it’s what makes their company great. However, if organisations fail to invest in their people, they risk staff leaving or becoming dis-engaged, which naturally leads to being less productive. Investing in colour profiling for staff will result in employees re-engaging with the business and their colleagues, which in turn builds loyalty.

Cognition Coaching ( was launched on November 1, 2017, to support employers to develop greater resilience within their employees in order to improve cohesion, smart working and a more profitable business outcome.

I offer a bespoke people development service, and once I have met with the managing director, business owner or team leader to discuss the situation and any issues there might be, I design the most beneficial solution for them.

I’ve often been asked which sectors I target and the answer is simple: I have found that people are the same the world over and face the same issues when it comes to communicating with colleagues and clients, particularly if they are opposite personality types. It can be the small things that niggle people, and left unchecked, these niggles can turn into major issues that cause untold damage to working relationships.

What I love about my job is the ability for me to help facilitate a solution. Raising someone’s self-awareness and revealing the impact they have on everyone around them is the starting point to adapting their behaviour and moving towards a better version of themselves. Knowing each other’s strengths, preferences and communication styles, fosters stronger teams with higher retention rates, more effective communication and enhanced team performance, quickly and effectively.

Businesses are starting to forward plan budgets for 2019, it would be a shrewd move to think about allocating the training budget to colour profiling. Not only does colour profiling raise cognitive consciousness, it also gives the individual clear areas for personal growth. When businesses are given free reign to be creative with their training budget and appreciate that not all training has to be class room style courses, they reap the benefits of offering staff bespoke personal development.

To understand how colour-profiling can help empower your teams and equip them with the tools they need to move forward personally and professionally, give call 07880 726726 or email for a free consultation.