Recently we shared news that Energy Savings Trust’s EV chargepoint funding schemes are now open. This will certainly be good news for both residential and corporate clients, as well as Third Sector and tourism-related businesses, who all will be benefit from the new schemes. However, as with anything else, there are conditions, but it will still be super news – and we are here to help to fully understand and make the process as smooth as process.

The Government has recently confirmed the closing of their plug-in grants for cars. As of July 14, any new cars will not be entitled to this previous financial support, which was always intended to be temporary, though there was the expectation that it would continue into 2023. The success of the kickstart program has seen the number of EV cars on the road quickly increase, with 100,000 cars ordered in the first half of 2022 alone.

The funds are now to be routed towards tackling the other hurdles to EV transition, including public charging. With 1 in 6 cars on our UK roads now being either fully electric or a hybrid, we are certainly seeing a high demand for solutions to make the EV buy even easier and more sustainable – though there is much to do yet!

I’m proud i-Protech is already a key player in this area. As an Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) authorised installer for electric vehicle charge points, as well as the only Tesla approved installer in the North of Scotland, we are your proven providers! The team are highly experienced to help customers from initial consultation to purchase, and continue to excel every step of the way.

However, I’m aware there are external factors that will also impact the uptake of EV, and these are outwith the control of ourselves, with supply chain being a key issue, though I’m glad to have seen improvements over the last few weeks, and very much hope that continues. At i-Protech we are also have worked hard to hire and develop quality team members, with experience, passion and commitment being core. I am aware many industries are struggling to attract the right candidates for new roles, and this also applies to our own, but our own development program means we are proud of each and every one of our employees and delighted they are part of our team.

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