I know the answer already, but would you rather spend one day with us or three days with us?

That’s not really the only question you need to ask yourself when trying to decide whether to book on our one day Emergency First Aid at Work or three day First Aid at Work Course.

This is not the main reason I got involved in first aid, but it’s helped... I’m pretty accident prone! So far between Kevin and I, he’s broken 14 bones, choked, had epilepsy, been in 4 car accidents, cut a toe off, and has a Father who is blind. My father broke his neck in a motorbike accident, and our oldest son has choked twice! Maybe it was self-preservation that Kevin married a nurse!

First Aid training is something often overlooked by companies; rather than planning for, and organising the appropriate cover, it can take an accident or incident to highlight the importance of having appropriately training staff. I get it, why do I have to spend money and I get nothing back for it, simple, you can save a life, or even your own!


Did you know that an estimated 555,000 employees in the UK sustained an injury at work in 2017/18?

Up to 150,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could make a difference.

Every year an estimated 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke.

Only 9% of UK parents are confident and willing to perform first aid on their children.

Thousands of people are dying each year in situations where first aid could have made the difference; this includes nearly 900 people who choke to death, 2,500 who asphyxiate from a blocked airway and 29,000 who die from heart attacks

One Day or Three Day?

A one day course, will give you basics in first aid and give you the skills to help someone to provide basic life support. Work in an office with five people, you need this!

Now you work in a factory, maintenance yard, chemical lab, and the risk and hazards to you and your colleagues are substantially higher.

When you work in an office over two floors, or a business with more than one building, the cover you require is increased.

What about the location of your business? Are you rural? How fast would an ambulance take to get to you in an emergency? What about your staff, do they work on their own? Or your customers? Do you have children in your premises?

These are the key reasons why your business could legally require a three day First Aid at Work Course, for a minimum of 2 employees (to cover in the case of any leave).

Simply put, the difference is being prepared for any workplace First Aid emergency. Learners receive comprehensive training, and therefore competent designated First Aiders within your business.

If you are still unsure about what you need, there is a handy and very easy to use tool below which can be downloaded to work out your own requirements based on The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 recommendations.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Assess your legal requirements for First Aid using this Calculator
  2. Download your report
  3. Book the recommended number of staff onto a First Aid Course here
  4. Be Safe in the knowledge that your Staff are now trained Super Hero’s!