Five things you should do before you buy

THINKING of buying a new home? Then there are five simple steps to take before you purchase:

  1. Contact Blackadders and appoint a solicitor
    We will explain the purchase process, timescales and the costs involved including any tax and registration dues so that you can budget accordingly.If you like the property we can lodge a Note of Interest on your behalf. This has more weight than a personal note as the formal note from a solicitor means you are a serious house-buyer. We can advise on the negotiation process and make a formal Offer on your behalf.
  2. Have a wish list but realise that you may have to compromise
    Remember that unless you are buying a new build property the property is second hand and you may need to budget for future repairs and decoration.
  3. View a range of properties
    It is important to compare and contrast to see what you are getting for your money.
  4. Home Report and Schedule
    Make sure you ask for a copy of the Schedule and Home Report for any properties that you are interested in so that you can check what is included and the condition of the property. If the report recommends a contractor should check the property (for example a timber specialist if there is wet rot or woodworm) then you should make any Offer subject to an inspection or arrange for the property to be checked prior to the Offer. You may need to do this if the property is popular as a seller may prefer a “Clean” Offer”.
  5. Get a second opinion
    Visit the property more than once and if possible with a friend or relative who can give you an honest second opinion without the “rose tinted spectacles”.

Visit the property at different times of the day so that you can suss out the parking, traffic, sunlight hours in the garden, and the neighbours.

Test the systems – flush the toilets, turn on the showers, open and close the windows. Once an Offer is accepted generally you cannot revisit the property until the written contract is concluded.

For advice on house purchasing contact Joanne Grimmond at Blackadders LLP.