As the industry struggles back to its feet and events start to find their way back onto our calendars, fostering confidence for both venues and delegates to enjoy that light and warmth again has never been more important.

It is critically important that fragile customer confidence is bolstered by ongoing practices which not only give the perception of being “CV19 secure” but actually provide robust, real assurances that venues are doing their very best for every person who comes through their door. From arrival to departure and at every point in between, owners and managers have a duty of care to maximise health security and peace of mind.

As a hotel guest or event delegate, we want to feel safe and secure in hospitality and event settings, without being conscious or cognisant of every small detail of a venue’s cleaning regime – we want to know that someone else has thought all of that through and actioned it all so that we can get on with our business or social visit.

As a visitor, I want to know that that there are stringent measures in place to address this airborne virus, especially in the middle of winter, when the last thing I want is every window wide open. I might chance a beer garden in the summer, but their season isn’t exactly predictable here in Scotland!

Whilst we might not want the windows open all the time, we do want business open all the time but cleaning regimes (even good ones) sometimes just aren’t enough and, without proper training and use of the right products, they can be totally ineffective. Proprietors, patrons and personnel deserve better.

Too often we see venues open and follow all the guidelines, in letter and spirit, only to find themselves navigating their way through an outbreak among staff and/or customers. It goes without saying that this can be financially crippling – but there is another way.

In August, what was then the biggest single indoor event since the relaxation of restrictions in Scotland took place in Glasgow and it was attended by over 400 representatives of the Scottish hospitality industry. The event was filled with singing, dancing and laughter – and yet there was not one reported case of CV19 afterwards that was connected to the event. Why? In a word, biosecurity.

We hear lots of proprietors and customers talk about “cleanliness” when it comes to keeping us all safe but the benefit that a more holistic approach to biosecurity can give is really where it’s at, and where EventCair comes into play.

EventCair features advanced UV nonfiltered air sanifiers which utilise NASA technology and a photo catalytic oxidisation power pack which is proven to reduce airborne microorganisms to undetectable levels within ten minutes. The system is further enhanced by applying BioTouch, EventCair’s unique permanent non-toxic antimicrobial solution approved by EPA and the CDC, to any hard or soft surfaces and high touch point areas.

The light and warmth of hospitality has so much to offer so many of us, and it’s time for it to shine in a biosecure way for us all to enjoy.