It always feels like a significant time of year…

We’re just weeks away from a delightful shift toward longer days and renewed energy…the clocks changing!

That said, we have the power to kickstart our energy levels even before the seasons officially shift.

Here are 4 tips to help you rediscover your energy ahead of spring:

1. Spring Clean Your Space and Mind

There's something inherently rejuvenating about decluttering our spaces.

I recently took on the task of decluttering our AKR office and was amazed at the difference it made—not just visually, but in the energy of the room.

Why not start with one area in your home?

Clear out the clutter, and you might just find your energy levels soaring.

And remember, a fresh coat of paint isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that inspires you.

2. Set Achievable Goals

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, so what better time to set some fresh goals?

I encourage you to carve out time to envision how you'd like the spring and summer months to unfold.

Looking ahead like that almost always puts me in a better place. Hope is energising, after all. It can bring a sense of renewal.

So… What small steps can you take now that will build momentum by the time the clocks go forward?

Rather than wrestle with big new commitments, start with a low barrier - set up a game you can win!

3. Embrace Movement

Yes, the 'springtime rush' at the gym is real, but there's no need to wait until the trees are in bloom to get moving.

Whether it's reacquainting yourself with the gym or just incorporating more walks into your week, the act of moving has profound effects on our energy levels.

I’ve increased my step count considerably over the past few weeks and it feels great.

Start now, and by spring, you'll be well ahead of the curve.

4. Refresh Your Diet

As we transition from hearty winter meals to the lighter fare of spring, it's the perfect opportunity to reflect on our eating habits.

Subtle tweaks – like adding more fruit and vegetables and being tighter on mindless snacking – can have a significant impact over time.

And the simplest, most powerful thing you can do when it comes to what you eat, is to make a rough plan.

Always Keep Reaching!

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