From Glue to Superglue…

I WORK as the membership network assistant at the Chamber of Commerce, and my colleagues within the membership team often describe me as the glue that holds them all together (hence the odd subject line).

I have recently completed a Vocational Qualification in Business & Administration – Level 3.

A Vocational Qualification allows candidates to be assessed on their ability to carry out their role competently, over a period of time, within their workplace.

During my time at school, I would not have classed myself as the most academic, with most (okay, all) of my report cards, describing me as "capable if she applied herself more, too chatty and a distraction to others".

I’m sure some of my colleagues would agree that I am still a chatterbox and can be a distraction to others but I have definitely learned to apply myself and work hard to get where I am today and improve my performance constantly.

I stayed on at school and finished sixth year then went on to college, as university wasn’t an option for me - partly due to my grades but mostly as it had just never appealed to me.

After a year at college, I realised that education just really wasn’t my thing and I knew that I would improve and excel in a working environment so off I went into the big, bad world.

Completing a vocational qualification based on the work I am already carrying out was a real eye opener for me.

When I was first offered the opportunity to undergo the VQ, I really wasn’t sure what it would entail or if it would take me back to the dreaded "schoolie" feeling.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After completing my first unit, I was filled with confidence and eager to get through another one.

I was finally enjoying education and working towards something I can have on my CV forever.

Completing a VQ has not only improved my competence within my role, it has been a major confidence boost for me and I feel really proud of myself, as does my mum, who was there to watch me accept my award.

I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to undertake a vocational qualification to do so, as there are so many benefits to both the candidate and their workplace