Open mornings are a wonderful opportunity to visit St Margaret’s and meet staff, pupils and other prospective parents. As it can be a busy morning here are some tips to get the most out of your visit:

Arrive in plenty time

Doors will open at 9:30am and you will be welcomed at the front reception by a member of staff and introduced to the prefect who will be taking you on a tour of our school.

Ask questions

A prospective parent can never ask enough questions! There are so many important things to consider when choosing the right school, so write down some of the things you would like to ask before the visit. When touring the school do not hesitate to ask questions as and when they crop up.

Take a notebook

You will be hearing and seeing so much information about all the different areas of the school and there is a lot to take in. Taking notes to reflect on afterwards can be very useful.

Consider your journey to school

How long is the journey and what public transport options are available? St Margaret’s School offers bus services for pupils travelling from Banchory and Inverurie, with scheduled stops along both routes to school picking up along the North Deeside Road and from Kintore, Blackburn and Kingswells.

Chat to our prefects

Our prefects will give you a personal tour of the school and this is an opportunity to ask them about their experience and insights about school life at St Margaret’s.

Look at the range of work on display

Keep an eye out for work on display in corridors as you move around school. This can give you a good idea of the topics and type of work that children are covering in class.

Enquire about catering and lunchtimes

Ask staff about school lunches and how the school caters for pupils with any special dietary requirements.

Outdoor spaces and play areas

All children, but especially younger children, need to burn off some energy after working hard in the classroom. At St Margaret’s, pupils benefit from a spacious, secure and pleasant outdoor playground in which to spend their break and lunchtimes. Take time to explore our playground.

Enjoy refreshments at the end of your tour

We want you to make the most of your visit to St Margaret’s and refreshments will be provided in the library so you will have ample time to chat to staff and ask any questions you may have.

Ask to come back for another visit

Visiting at a different time can give you a different perspective depending on which day you visit and at what time. We would be happy to arrange another visit to answer any additional questions you may have about joining St Margaret’s.

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