Get your marketing in shape for 2018

THE start of the year is always full of good intentions so, make the most of it and get your marketing and PR plan in shape now to set yourself up for success throughout 2018.

As a region, there’s plenty to look forward to from the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route being completed to the redeveloped Aberdeen Art Gallery opening its doors. What will you do to make your mark?

Businesses have never been more aware of the need to engage with their customers, building lasting relationships through trust, understanding and awareness. But, with a plethora of different marketing tools to choose from, knowing how to build an effective plan that creates a regular drumbeat of quality communications can be confusing.

Here are our six top tips:

  1. Business focused

Before you start any marketing activity, have a clear understanding of your overarching business objectives. What are your top three aims and who do you want to build relationships with?

This forms the baseline for all your marketing and sales activity. Everything you undertake needs to align with those business aims.

  1. Customers experience

Creating the right experience for your customer or clients will determine whether you fulfil your growth potential.

Take time to define what that experience looks and feels like right from the moment a potential customer encounters your company to beyond their buying decision. Identify the opportunities to enhance the existing experience, the risks and how you will ensure every experience is consistently great.

  1. An authentic story

Lasting customers relationships are not built on hard-sell tactics. People want to feel they know, understand and trust your company and ultimately that you care about helping them.

Crucial to this is telling a consistently authentic story that inspires, is easy to remember and share.

  1. Be part of the conversation

It’s no longer about pushing out your messages and expecting people to hear them. You need to be part of the conversations that your customers are having. Engage and interact with them both digitally and in person. Let them get to know the people behind the logo.

  1. Strategic sharing

Being laser focused on who you want to share your story with and how you want to tell it is essential.

Understanding who you want to engage with and the best ways to do this will allow you to interact with the right people, in the right way at the right times. Don’t just rely on one or two tactics – engage with people across multiple touch-points in their day.

Quality content that shares your compelling story and adds value to their day-to-day work will keep you front-of-mind.

  1. Monitor and refine

Building customer relationships through marketing isn’t an exact science. That’s why you need to have the right tools in place to measure what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to refine activity as needed.

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