Have you ever wondered what telecoms professionals are jabbering on about…?

I HAVE always been fascinated by the world’s various alphabets, from the mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphics to the endless array of Mesopotamian cuneiform writings.

When we were kids, some of us would even create our own secret alphabet, which we guarded closely and shared only with our best friends.

When I started working in the telecoms industry, I quickly learnt there was a whole other alphabet out there - the IT World.

And this alphabet can prove far more complicated than anything from the Ancient World.

Almost 10 months later and I am still learning new ones all the time…

I have also realised that a lot of the time we assume that people understand us when we are talking in telecoms jargon, which is not always the case.

Therefore, since I don’t like assuming things, I am always making sure that I explain everything in detail.

I’ll never e-mail one of our clients saying that we are going to provide them with 6 SIP trunks, 4 IP addresses, a SFBB Pro 80/20 at their Y site and one EoFTTC connection at their X site, which is going to be faster than their current EFM and in order to do so we’ll need them to tell us their contract end term for ISDN30.

Since I am far from being a complete expert myself, I have recently developed an IT ‘’Acronyms Dummies Guide’’, which I have been using as an informational marketing material and circulated among our clients.

Having our own Acronym Jargon Buster certainly helps and our new initiative is closely tied with 2 Circles Communication’s tagline: ‘’we keep things simple’.’

Sometimes I am still wondering how many people do actually understand all of these acronyms and jargon and what does it all mean?

We like engaging our clients and we are just about to send out a fun and challenging ‘’IT Abbreviations Quiz’’, giving the nerdiest of the participants the chance to win some amazing prizes!

Are you game?