Helping Great Britain work well

AS THE CEO of a safety education charity, nothing makes me happier than seeing the direct impact our work has upon the community.

Our visitors leave our facility with an improved awareness of safety, and a big smile on their face.

At Absafe, it’s our job to make learning about safety fun.

We teach children about safety in an engaging and interactive way, so the important messages stick with them beyond the classroom.

We value the importance of instilling long lasting safety messages from childhood, but this understanding and engagement needs to continue into the workplace.

That’s why we extend our services to reach people in business too.

As the “lower for longer” effect continues to take hold, today’s workforces need to be alert, well and able to react to any eventuality – making safety engagement critical to reputational and asset protection.

New teams are being brought together as a result of reorganisation and restructuring in businesses and this poses the ideal opportunity to think differently about safety.

This is why we’re backing the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) new strategy – Helping Great Britain Work Well.

The campaign focuses on the further improvement of the UK’s excellent safety record by encouraging a collaborative approach to safety ownership.

The strands of the strategy are:

  • acting together
  • tackling ill health
  • managing risk well
  • supporting small employers
  • keeping pace with change
  • sharing our success

The new strategy takes a whole system approach, ensuring that everyone can play their part in the health and safety community; working together in an encouraging environment, supported by effective regulation and relevant risk management.

Greater than the sum of its parts, the strategy aims to reduce cost to business through improved efficiency and greater emphasis on enabling good practice.

By acting together, we can collectively encourage and recognise improvements that can be made for the good of our businesses – being joined up in our thinking ensures we have a common goal, to continue the excellent health and safety record that the UK already has.

But there’s always room for improvement.

Companies have the opportunity to share their success and expertise far more widely, benefiting the whole community - staff, families, customers and future employees.

Enhancing reputation, employee engagement and wellbeing, reducing lost time and ultimately benefiting the bottom line, safety is a platform for business success.

The HSE strategy supports the development of new technologies, products and services that will ultimately improve the management and control of risk.

Collaboration is therefore key to enhancing success and driving improvement that can keep pace with change in this challenging environment.

As a safety charity, we’re well placed to help businesses re-engage their employees, changing the perception of safety education.

Absafe delivers sessions in an interactive way, so our delegates return to their workplaces with a rejuvenated approach to safety.

The HSE’s new campaign is a bold, new strategy that will help breathe new life into health and safety, as we collectively strive for safer operations – whatever our line of business.