Whether your employee wellness programme is just beginning or needs to build some muscle, here are our top tips for success:

  • Set the baseline

We call it an Employee Wellbeing Assessment. Data from this will help develop a holistic strategy that focusses activities on what’s important to your people. Management will most likely require data to make an investment decision in a programme too.

  • Set the example

From Leadership team level to direct supervision – employees need to know that you are listening to their health concerns and support their participation in health and wellbeing events.

  • Mix it up

The workplace health and wellbeing programme should offer something to all abilities, ages and interests.

  • Monitor and measure

Identify key success metrics for your health and wellbeing programme, continuously evaluate and rigorously report on them throughout the organisation.

  • Maintain and motivate

Use effective and engaging communication to let employees know what’s on offer and why it’s important to them.

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