Did you make this same mistake on the self assessment portal? Here are the common mistakes people make carrying out the self assessment.

There are three different areas of information you need to think about when you take this assessment:

  • The data you process about your staff
  • The data you process about your customers/prospects/suppliers
  • The data you process in the products and services you provide.
Many doing this assessment only thought about what they do as a service for example
"I'm a software development company my customers are the data controllers " often missing the data they process about their staff/ & customers.

If you are processing information for the purposes listed below and the ICO Self-Assessment said you don't need a registration, then it’s likely you have gone wrong somewhere along the line and didn't get as far as this list on question seven.

  • Accountancy and auditing e.g., you're an accountant
  • Administration of justice - including police and probation boards
  • Administration of membership records
  • Advertising, marketing, and public relations for others
  • Charities - including housing associations
  • Childcare i.e., childminder
  • Constituency casework
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Councils
  • Credit referencing
  • Crime prevention and prosecution of offenders (including CCTV systems)
  • Debt administration
  • Education – including schools
  • Emergency services - including ambulance and fire service
  • Financial services and advice
  • Health administration and provision of patient care - including medico legal, pharmacists, optometrists, and dentists
  • Insolvency practices
  • Insurance administration
  • Journalism, media, and TV / radio stations
  • Legal services
  • Loyalty cards
  • Mortgage/ insurance broking
  • Pastoral care
  • Pensions administration
  • Personal information processed by or obtained from a credit reference agency
  • Private investigation
  • Property management - including the selling and/ or letting of property
  • Recruitment
  • Research
  • Social - including networking sites or dating agencies
  • Software development - including web hosting and design or IT support
  • Trading and sharing in personal information
  • Training
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