Keep your business moving with AA discounts

Breakdown cover is not really something I think about very often.

That is until one of my little ones “footered” with the light inside my car (technical term) which resulted in a flat battery.

Not a happy discovery at any time, especially when you’re already in melt down mode rushing to get to work.

I called the man from the AA who didn’t take long to arrive and sort out the problem.

He also kindly agreed to be “very cross” and warn little one to never ever play with the light again - and she hasn’t.

Having a good breakdown service meant that I managed to get back to work in under an hour.

Cost saving. Something else I hadn’t spent much time thinking about, until circumstances forced a financial re-think at home.

Now I’ve switched our big shop to Lidl, changed my hairdresser, re-negotiated Sky, got a new deal on gas and electricity and just like that we’re saving over £500 a month as a household without noticing any real difference.

The economic situation in Aberdeen is driving many people and businesses to rethink their spending.

As a Chamber we’ve always offered money saving business services to our members, and I’ve often been surprised at how few members take advantage of these.

Did you know that Chamber members can save up to 64% on roadside assistance provided by the AA?

Sixty four percent!

This offer is exclusive to Chambers of Commerce and is available to any fleet size, from just three vehicles.

The recent rise in open market rates has made the discount available to Chamber members via Chamber Roadside Assistance greater than ever.

AA is a Which? Recommended provider of breakdown services, (August 2015) and sector leader with a record of outstanding customer service.

If you’re interested in this deal or finding out more about other Chamber offers that could save your business pounds, then take a look at what there is on offer for business support or as member-to-member offers.

Your CFO will be happy (if that’s at all possible!)

The average member saving through the Chamber Roadside Assistance is £542

The average member saving through the Chamber Roadside Assistance is £542