Ledingham Chalmers — helping businesses cope with COVID-19

We’re all doing what we can to cope with COVID-19.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be announcing webinars and posting short Zoom briefings from our experts, covering many of the legal topics we know are front of mind for businesses.

As ever, individual circumstances will vary hugely, but at a time when organisations are acutely aware of costs and cashflow, we hope this opportunity to access some free, general advice will be valuable.

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We'd love to hear from you — what questions would you like answered? Is there a topic you’d be keen to see covered? How can we help you work through this difficult time?

As a taster, here are some of the areas we have in our sights —

  • Employment law and people — including furloughing employees, pension contributions and an employer’s duty of care
  • Contracts — the basics of execution of deeds and documents when offices and staff are in lockdown; whether businesses can postpone or terminate contracts with no force majeure provision; and shutting venues for events — what does that mean, for example, for weddings?
  • Property and property litigation — can tenants stop paying rent because of COVID-19? And what about insurance if they vacate temporarily? Plus, what happens if COVID 19 has made it difficult or impossible to provide the services a business is obliged to under the lease, what are the consequences?
  • Construction — does stopping work on a site mean a breach of contract? What is frustration and how does it apply? And what about the contradictory advice between England and Scotland on closing sites?

Other topics likely to be covered include the impact on court proceedings and corporate governance.

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If you like, you can answer our short questionnaire telling us what you’d like to see covered. Alternatively, please send any comments and topic requests to marketing@ledinghamchalmers.com.