As delegates descend on Aberdeen for the 50th year of SPE Offshore Europe, wouldn’t it be fantastic for them to see our city and shire at its best?

They will be seeing for themselves the investments in innovation and new technologies that are helping to position Aberdeen as a key player in the journey to net zero.

They will be forging new partnerships to help ensure the oil and gas industry is progressing its role as part of the transition to cleaner, greener energy. And they are sure to enjoy doing business and networking again face-to-face after the disruptions caused by Covid restrictions.

Let’s hope they also take time to visit some of the tourist gems on our doorstep; that they see some of the recent investment in our city and take in some art and culture.

And, if our service sector is equipped and primed to cater for the event, delegates will get a taxi or a bus when they need it. They will experience the service they should expect from a global energy hub, wherever they are staying or dining.

There are always so many dissenting voices in Aberdeen, but I believe there are positive things happening across our city and region.

We have a thriving service sector that has survived the storms of recent years with a spirit of resilience and innovation. New businesses have sprung up, driven by passionate entrepreneurs who refuse to let setbacks define them.

We’re nowhere near perfect, and perhaps I’ll get shot down for saying this, but I believe we have the talent and determination in this region to create a future that we would be proud to leave in the hands of our children.

While all eyes are on Aberdeen, let’s all try to accentuate the positive. It’s our chance to shine.

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