Like the human eye, but without the human risk or error

Mankind has been fascinated by the depths of the ocean since the dawn of time. Greek mythology surrounding the Lost City of Atlantis is as well known today as it was in the days of Aristotle. Scientists say more is known about the surface of the moon than our own ocean floor.

But technology in the energy sector advances at an astonishing rate. Cortez Subsea was founded in 2011 and is now part of a three-strong group of companies with offices in the UK, Malaysia and Egypt. Our sister companies, Deeptech and MCS, are specialists in remote operations and software which, coupled with our project delivery, brings our NuWave Inspection services into the digital age.

Our Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) technology is cutting-edge software that takes our inspection to a whole new level. It scans structures and pipeline sections underwater in order to create a 3D cloud with millions of points, presenting an as-built, 3D visualisation of any scanned object with accuracy of +/- 1millimetre.

It offers a fast and cost-effective solution across many workscopes. As an example, we compared using the PRC and an ROV to the traditional taut wire process in spool metrology. The solution significantly reduced the time required for this activity. In one instance it took 15 minutes for the PRC and ROV to fly and video the route of a spool from a pipeline to a riser in comparison to two hours for a diver using the taut wire process.

The PRC can interface with any ROV and managing and planning tools such as the Platform and Pipeline Commander software. Used together, our software takes photo-realistic point cloud representations and presents it to users on a sophisticated and user-friendly interface. This data can be easily accessed and shared on and offshore and in real-time.

Conventional reporting can take around four weeks. NuWave reporting is fast, with a draft report compiled before the team depart and final reports which can be produced within 7 days. As data is accumulated over subsequent inspections, precision comparison can take place to assess changes and plan pro-active maintenance.

Our PRC technology is transforming inspection campaigns worldwide. For more information, contact