Log in to look good and sound good

THE question I’m asked most often by members is “how can we make the most of the opportunities within the Chamber?”.

That, and “how do I get featured on the Hot Topic page” but that’s a different blog entirely.

We have so many opportunities within the Chamber, but the one that I am constantly amazed more members don’t make use of is the member directory.

Our member directory is popular. Sticking my neck out, I’d say very popular.

Members love finding out who they might be rubbing shoulders with at the next business breakfast, or who they’re reading about in the Business Bulletin.

But how often do you look and see what the directory is saying about you and your company? This is probably the biggest missed opportunity I see.

The directory is free to members, you have more or less complete control and, armed with the right information, it should only take a few minutes to makes sure your organisation looks and sounds at its professional best.

If someone is searching for catering for an event and you do fantastic catering, does it say so in your company profile? If you specialise in website design, does it say that in your company profile?

It’s key words, it’s making the most of search engines and it’s the future, I tell you.

While we’re on the subject, how much thought and time - and dare I say it, money - went into your beautiful company logo? Then show it off.

You don’t need to be a branding expert to know that a short and snappy description with your company logo makes you stand out from the crowd.

So get online to your account area at www.agcc.co.uk, click your your company details and make sure your organisation looks good and sounds good – and that you have all the relevant key words up there.

Let me step down from my (beautifully branded) soapbox and let slip another little tip.

The second most frequent thing I see and hear is a rueful look on a member’s face and a “we know the Chamber is great and we really don’t make enough of our Chamber membership”.

A word to the wise: be smart and when you’re logged in on our website, make sure your interests in your account area closely match what you’re interested in, either professionally or personally.

If you tell us what you’re interested in, then that is what we’ll tell you about. We are here to help you make the most of your Chamber membership.

Like our events? Then tick events and we will let you know about our whole range of events. Perhaps you can try something a little different.

Interested in overseas opportunities? Tick “international trade” and we’ll let you know about expert advice and events, and opportunities to make the contacts you need in the markets you are targeting.

And the beauty of this is that you can change this information yourself at any time. We are your Chamber and we’re here for you, so use the network.

Get your name out there and stay in the know.

It’s all about being well connected in the ultimate business network.