Now is the prime time for reflection and goal-setting, not just in your personal life but also in your business.

Surprisingly, while 40% of adults are keen on setting New Year's resolutions, a staggering 80% lose sight of these goals by February, according to research published by Drive Research.

So, how can you, as a business owner or leader, break this cycle and set resolutions that stand the test of time?

The start of the year is an excellent time to make strategies and make them stick!

The New Year symbolises a fresh start, a time for reflection and setting new goals. Most of us think about personal resolutions like losing weight, making better financial choices, quitting smoking, and spending more time with family, but let's shift the lens to your business. How can you apply these lessons to your SME?

A groundbreaking study by Stockholm University revealed two key factors for resolution success: adding behaviours instead of eliminating them and having the right level of support.

Imagine shifting your mindset from "I will stop doing X" to "I will start doing Y." It's a complete game-changer...

The study also identified three groups: no support, some support, and extended support. Surprisingly, the group with some support had the most success. This finding is crucial for SME leaders who often lack the support they need.

Remember, the proper support doesn't overshadow your leadership; it enhances it.

As a business leader, you're an expert in your field, but you still might need help setting and articulating business goals that align with your ‘personal’ aspirations. This is where the right tools and approaches come in, helping you to focus on what truly matters for your business and personal life.

Picking the right tools for your business goals can seem daunting, but it becomes more straightforward and effective with the correct guidance.

And here's the best part: you're not confined to making resolutions only at the start of the year. Every day is an opportunity for positive change.

Helen Mill, who is based in the North-east of Scotland, is director at The Alternative Board (TAB), which helps business owners run their organisations more strategically. Her boards cover the Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Angus and Perth areas. TAB helps business leaders by offering them a powerful, streamlined programme that includes monthly peer advisory boards, one-to-one business coaching and workshops. Helen is a former director of commercial innovation at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University. There are more than 500 TAB boards worldwide.