In January 2023 Deep Casing Tools launched the MechLOK™-T, a new style of the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel. We asked Eoin Wood, Global Sales and Marketing Manager about the tool, read on to discover what he had to say, including the benefits the tool is bringing to global operators, its successful runs to date and more…

Deep Casing Tools have introduced a new style of MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel, what developments have been implemented?

“The MechLOK™-T has the added ability to swivel in tension as well as in compression. This reduces friction when run in and pulled out of hole.

We’ve also modified its locking procedure. The unique technology behind the tool has enabled it to lock at any time using a quick and reliable two step mechanical locking procedure that is independent of drill string hydraulics. This new procedure makes it extremely difficult to lock accidently, a huge advantage to our clients.”

How is the MechLOK™-T going to benefit global operations?

“The tools added ability to rotate in tension means we can operate the tool both when running in and pulling out of hole.

It has been proven in recent runs that the MechLOK™-T saves time, at least two hours rig time by combining deployment with wellbore clean up and fluid displacement.

Although we’ve developed the swivel quite considerably to improve operational performance the functionality of the tool remains the same. This functionality allows the reset and rerun of the same single tool several times. It makes it the ideal tool for operations in remote locations or on multi-lateral wells.”

Has the tool had any successful runs?

“Yes, the tool was requested in Norway in January this year where the same tool was successfully run in all three legs of a highly directional tri-lateral well. It swivelled in both tension and compression and was successfully locked as verified by NOV’s i-Con downhole data sub.”

How does the future look for MechLOK™-T?

“Future of the MechLOK™-T is looking positive. We already have jobs lined up within the UK and Norwegian North sea where we will be combining lower completion deployment with wellbore clean up.

We also have trials for the tool lined up with a national oil company in Abu Dhabi, the MechLOK™-T’s first run within the Middle East. Watch this space.”

Can you explain more about the tools two step mechanically lockable system?

“Yes, its unique, patented technology can be locked at any time using a simple, quick, and reliable two-step mechanical locking procedure. This two-step procedure was trialled and perfected during a tri-lateral job in Norway earlier this year, where we rotated to the left in tension (step one) and then slacked off the string whilst rotating (step two). This cannot be done accidentally.”

If you would like to know more about Deep Casing Tools MechLOK™-T click here. Alternatively, you can talk to Eoin Wood about how the new style of MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel can benefit your upcoming operations,