Rewinding back to this time last year, Vysus Group had barely taken its first breaths, created following the strategic carve-out of Lloyd’s Register’s Energy. Twelve months on, with a global pandemic adding to the challenges most new businesses face in their early stages, Vysus Group has provided invaluable technical support and expertise on numerous projects shaping the world of the future. Chief executive officer David Clark reflects on a year of change at Vysus Group and the company’s direction of travel.

A lot can change in a year as we are all acutely aware. But throughout all the disruption the pandemic has brought and the months of restructuring which resulted in the creation of Vysus Group, the principles of quality and integrity have remained embedded into the way we operate as a company.

As a business, the acquisition and integration of new companies has been a key driver of success for Vysus Group throughout our long legacy, leveraging our expertise and market presence to create new capability to meet the ever changing client challenges... Indeed, we made our first acquisition as Vysus Group only months after our formation, bringing the exciting Promaps Technology business into our fold. We have been able to unlock new markets while continuing to provide a full service of technical, regulatory, and operational expertise, amassing decades’ worth of knowledge and service in the process.

While Vysus Group retains many of the same core attributes as our former owner and the various legacy brands I’ve just alluded to, we always wanted to have our own identity, with our own specialist teams bring bespoke solutions, innovations and expertise to our customers, to solve the most complex of challenges. With the creation of a new brand, website, key corporate messaging and importantly our core values of Trust, Partnership and Passion, I think we have achieved that.

Oil and gas is a sector which has seen dramatic change in the space of 20 years, driven largely by changing consumer needs and the growing need to find alternative sources of energy. The broad expertise Vysus Group has across oil & gas, nuclear, renewables, power, grid and storage sectors give us a unique global expertise to help customers develop, deploy and manage the increasing complex and interconnecting energy and industrial infrastructure needed to meet ever growing climate challenges.

Around the world, Vysus Group is getting under the skin of highly technical projects ranging from vast solar energy farms in Australia to developing Spain’s infrastructure for the deployment of hydrogen-powered buses. While it may well be some time before the general public will see the results of some of these activities in their everyday lives, change is already happening.

We’re seeing this first-hand not only in the work we do physically, but in the conversations we are having with individual stakeholders. At COP26, for example, it was encouraging to hear the discussions surrounding climate change and one can only hope that these are the stepping stones towards a sustainable future. A future that Vysus Group has every reason to have a hand in developing alongside our customers and partners, with our proven delivery with renewable energies.

Moving forward, there is a lot to be excited about at Vysus Group. We will always recognise the importance of our heritage, which has given us the knowledge and experience to deploy our service offerings in key, strategic locations and invest in the areas we can facilitate growth in.

Of course, the people we have and will welcome in the future will play a pivotal role in achieving our aspirations – we would not be where we are now without them.