As filmmakers, we have the opportunity to see ‘under the bonnet’ of diverse businesses in multiple sectors. We see how they operate and where they are heading next. This year we’ve been excited to see companies across the region leading the way in innovation, technology, and social responsibility.

The energy transition is an ever-growing force within the energy sector. We are producing a film for Elemental Energies, a rapidly expanding company specialising in well engineering and decommissioning. They are committed not just to the energy transition but to accelerating it, leveraging the engineering skills of the local workforce to deliver projects around the world.

As the transition progresses, the UK still needs to include oil and gas in its energy mix. The recently approved Rosebank Development is a controversial element of that mix. So, when Equinor asked us to make a film about it we were careful to lay out the facts and Equinor’s intentions as simply as possible.

Meanwhile strategies are being developed for reducing carbon; our 3D animation for the North Sea Transition Authority, explains the process of Carbon Capture and Storage. Technically accurate but simple enough to be understood, the film helps explain NSTA’s goal of halving upstream carbon emissions by 2030.

Another way the sector is supporting the transition is innovation:

Global drilling company Noble has pioneered ‘NORMS’, a centralised support facility which offers 24/7 monitoring and support to offshore teams. Best practice from each project is recorded and shared with its other installations around the world. Having filmed their vessels ‘Intrepid’ and ‘Innovator’ (Innovator being the largest vessel ever to berth in Aberdeen) Noble asked us to film the NORMS centre in Houston and ‘Valiant’, an offshore installation in the Gulf of Mexico.

We also returned to France to film the ‘Innovation Through Robotics’ Piloting Project where twelve European research teams gathered to test their innovative robotic projects. These included robots that can climb inside narrow spaces and around piping, for monitoring and repairs in high-risk areas, such as refineries.

The biggest recent investment for the region, is the Port of Aberdeen’s South Harbour, a commitment of £420m for a visionary project that will secure jobs and income for the region for decades. We filmed the inauguration of the harbour by the Princess Royal. We have worked with the Port since 2018 and we’re currently producing a documentary about the project.

Another crucial sector for Aberdeenshire is tourism: in 2023 Trump International at Balmedie hosted their first major golf tournament, the Legends Tour. We filmed course preparations, setting up the competition village, match play and guest hospitality. Hundreds of spectators came to see some of the best golfers in the world playing on one of the finest courses.

Finally, we were able to capture some of the energy and potential of the next generation, filming both ‘The Big Sing’ and ‘The Big Run’ for Aberdeenshire Council. Over 2,000 Primary school pupils participated in each event. The Big Sing showcased children in huge choirs singing songs promoting inclusivity and respect. The Big Run was created to encourage children to be more active to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health, regardless of ability.

This small cross section of films illustrates the opportunities for growth in our region. And as a local business we are proud that they have been recognised with a US International Festival award from our filmmaking peers, and a Scottish Enterprise Award. We feel optimistic for the local economy and the opportunities for local people, and businesses in every sector.