Process approach to providing physical security

BEING an owner and managing director of my own company is challenging, but to gain respect from employees and fellow industry professionals I choose a hands-on management approach.

As MD of a family-run security firm in Aberdeen, I often put myself in the shoes of our security team, and therefore I work periodically on clients’ premises, which allows me to better evaluate the services we offer and identify opportunities to improve.

I have recently spent a considerable amount of time working in the retail sector and I have realised many limitations to existing security measures.

First of all, both clients and contractors tend to agree on very specific site instructions, i.e. patrol times and areas, breaks, etc.

This results in security guards sticking to the same routine, which can lead to becoming complacent.

Shoplifting is the most common form of crime in the retail sector with nearly £400million lost each year.

Thieves have one thing in common, they can adapt to the environment in which they operate and therefore a process approach to providing physical security is required.

A process approach takes the form of constant monitoring, gathering information, evaluating data and implementing new security techniques and methods in order to stay ahead of thieves and decrease the amount of shoplifting incidents.

Often security contractors will employ a guard, put him on the shop floor and a contractual agreement is fulfilled.

Both sides are happy!

With a process approach however, management needs to be more involved including maintaining efficient communication with clients and personnel.

Gathering detailed information regarding incidents such as theft is vital.

Since thieves spend a considerate amount of time studying security measures and adapting accordingly, it is important that a security contractor implements changes to adjust to the ever-changing methods of thieves.

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