Re-energise your team

A number of clients have recently been bringing us in to help energise their team after a challenging few years in the Aberdeen marketplace. Some companies have had to let people go and therefore achieve more with less (surely a magic trick in it’s own right!) Teams are tired and for some it has been a roller coaster ride with more downs than ups.

Here are some of our thoughts on energising your team.

  • Acknowledge the past. We all know it has been a difficult time, acknowledge it and then move on. This helps people to close one chapter, breathe and then move into a new chapter.
  • Celebrate success. Celebrate the achievements that you and your team have created over the past year or few months. This helps people feel valued and that their contributions are noticed. It can even be small stuff. The celebrations don’t have to be costly either. You could buy a box of biscuits (or a fruit bowl if you want to be healthy!) Other companies have organised larger events to celebrate success.
  • Vision – show the team where you want to be in a year/5 years time and allow them to be part of the planning in getting there. We often say our people are our best assets and then ignore them! People love to share ideas and when their ideas are listened to and discussed, they will feel much more energised and committed to the path going forward.

We all want to feel valued, to feel safe and to feel a sense of purpose in what we do

  • Organise a team away day. These can either be purely for fun such as 10 pin bowling or can have a business theme built into them too. We have been delivering Our Inspiration Game to a variety of teams for nearly 20 years now and it always creates a fun, engaged atmosphere. We have people balloon modelling, solving various challenges and cracking codes. Every activity has a powerful business message behind it and has proven to be a great success in energising teams and finding fresh ways of working creatively together. Team away days don’t have to just be about Powerpoint or building rafts on a river!
  • Communicate well together. Having strong communication within your team is crucial to keeping people energised. Plan fun meetings together to explore new ideas and new opportunities. Allow people to share their thoughts and ideas. Have an open environment for people to explore not only their potential but the potential of your team and your organisation.

Any one of these ideas done well will help to re-energise your team. I hope some of them are helpful. People are the most wonderfully complex beings yet are also simple at heart too. We ALL want to feel valued, to feel safe and to feel a sense of purpose in what we do. Tap into that and we can tap into the incredible potential that exists in all of our teams.

Feel free to add your own comments, ideas and thoughts too.

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Jeff Burns, magician, Fifth Dimension

Jeff Burns, magician, Fifth Dimension