Join Deep Casing Tools Global Marketing Manager, Eoin Wood, and Well Engineer, David Charles for our latest, free online webinar, “Reducing Liner/Completion Deployment Risk in ERD Wells”.

The energy industry is renowned for its operational and liability risks, in particular risks involved in the deployment of liners or completions within ERD wells. These can have a negative impact, effecting critical supply chains and cause increased damage to the environment. In recent years companies within the sector have adopted comprehensive tools that help operators reduce risk when deploying liners or completions.

Proven risk management tools such as those supplied by Deep Casing Tools have been utilised across the globe to improve safety whilst saving operators, time, cost, and emissions across multiple projects.

This free, 45-minute online webinar will discuss how Deep Casing Tools MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel and turbine-powered reamer shoes, TurboRunner™ and TurboCaser™, are assisting global operators reduce risk associated with the deployment of liners or completions in ERD wells.

Choose from one of two time slots for this webinar, follow the link and register via Teams:

Session One, 8am-8.45am (GMT):

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Session Two, 3pm-3.45pm (GMT):

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