Is now the time to consider reshoring your manufacturing needs? The ongoing impact of the CV19 pandemic has demonstrated the true vulnerabilities of our global supply chain. Although reshoring is not a new concept, there is now a renewed interest for businesses in the UK as a result of the current climate.

In recent years, opting to reshore product design and manufacturing has become increasingly common. The once evident economic benefit of sending production overseas has been slowly eroded for some time.

Reshoring eliminates many of the indirect costs associated with managing a remote supply chain. When businesses opt to reshore, they can expect shorter lead times, higher quality and fewer resources spent on manoeuvring goods.

The effect of CV19 has furthered the discussion around reshoring UK manufacturing. This pandemic has shown us just how fragile our global supply chain is while uncovering how reliant we are on overseas supply. When the supply chain is disrupted, so are all other operations. You can find yourself with little leeway when required goods are situated halfway across the world.

Based in the UK, Albacom has both electronic design and manufacturing capabilities. Focused on delivering bespoke products, our highly skilled workforce researches, designs, manufactures and tests all of our products from our base in Dundee.

If your business is considering riding the wave back into British seas for your manufacturing needs, Albacom is here to help. To find out more about how we can assist you with electronic design and manufacturing, please click here.