Scotland aims to be world’s most exciting food & drink industry

The Food and Drink industry is fast-moving and constantly evolving with a significant focus on scientific innovation and development in order to build sustainable food systems. Sharing of data and sophisticated technology through joint ventures or acquisitions is becoming increasingly more common in order to meet the changing preferences of the consumer.

The ingredients sector featured at the top of Zenith Global’s global food and drink deals in 2019 with 65 recorded transactions worldwide, unsurprisingly focussing heavily on bioscience, plant based products and nutrition/flavouring. The other sectors in the Top 10 included beer, packaging, ice cream and biscuits. The number of vertical farms (efficient and waste-free growing method) is also increasing, including here in Scotland.

Scotland’s Food and Drink sector is one of the best performing sectors of our economy and is currently valued at £15bn. Ambition 2030 - an industry lead partnership - aims to make Scotland home to the world’s most exciting food and drink industry and worth £30bn. Ambition 2030 anticipates innovation will be culturally embedded in our farming, fishing, food and drink sector with the pace of change in technology, markets, consumers and supply chain rivalled only by Scotland’s ability to adapt to the new opportunities this creates.

Food and Drink is a key sector for Blackadders. We have experience across the entire food and drink supply chain, from primary agriculture to manufacturing, wholesale to retail. We also advise a number of the sector’s membership organisations. Whether you are looking to invest in the sector, acquire for growth or diversification, plan for succession or employee ownership, or put in place supply, distribution or licensing agreements, our experienced team of lawyers can help. Please contact Lucy Gannon for an initial discussion.

Lucy Gannon

Lucy Gannon