Smart Connectivity creates Smarter Businesses

Smart connectivity technologies help businesses to achieve their goals by optimising the capability of all equipment and systems. Converged networks are at the centre of every smart building and city, underpinning its performance, to ensure efficiency for its inhabitants and businesses.

Operating Challenges

There a number of challenges for businesses in today's ever-changing environment, which can have a significant impact on operational costs. These include rising energy costs, environmental concerns, a need to focus on corporate social responsibility and impact in the local areas where the business operates.

Technology Demands

For businesses, it's all about having smart technology available at the touch of a button or click. Customers demand a seamless service and to meet that need, businesses need a resilient system that continually delivers.

The key for businesses is choosing the right telecoms solution which will deliver the seamless and resilient service required in smart buildings. Cloud, video and audio-conferencing collaboration solutions that use high speed broadband networks all help to deliver enhanced customer service.

Smart technology in buildings has many real-life advantages. Perhaps best documented is the capacity to find efficiencies, supporting building and business owners to significantly reduce energy waste and cut costs.

The Internet of Things

What does the Internet of Things mean for businesses and how will you benefit? Simply it means anything we use to communicate with can be connected to the internet and work with other connected devices.

IoT presents a whole host of business benefits, from increasing productivity to reducing expenditure. By helping to streamline the process and promote efficiency, the IoT has the power to affect your business' bottom line in a hugely competitive market.

USA Analyst firm Gartner Inc. predicts by 2020, the IoT market will explode to include 20.8 billion things.

And with the smart tech market expected to be worth $31.74 billion globally by 2022, embracing smart technology will prove to be a savvy business more.

It's important to think about long-term cost of failing to embrace these important new technologies and the long-term gain of staying connected.

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Exchange Communications CEO, Tom Sime.

Exchange Communications CEO, Tom Sime.