It's festival season and if your 'Last Request' is to have effortlessly cool hair like Scottish music sensation Paolo Nutini, then we can help.

Kyle Ross - winner of Best Barber UK - has broken down the style to help you 'get the look'.


In most scenarios when we cut men’s hair, we are trying to create a classic square shape. This is deemed as ‘the standard’ men’s shape, but creating this look allows us to move into a softer, more rounded shape, which offers movement.

If you look at the outline of most hair shapes, and drew a line around it, you would usually find that you would draw a shape resembling a square, or triangle, something which has acute angles to it. But if you drew a line around this style, you would see that the shape of this line would represent something a little more round, which when used on hair with strong movement can create a very flattering shape.


The most important thing for this style is having that strong wave or curl to your hair. However face shape is also important when deciding what would be the right look for you.

Paolo is blessed with the wider (and much sought-after) square jawline that affords his head shape to carry the extra weight through sides.


You're going to want your barber to be competent in technical hair cutting, as I know there are some out there who are not comfortable with this. If I was cutting this style, I would create the whole shape of the cut using a razor, this really shatters the ends of the hair and gives life and amazing texture throughout the layers and the entire hair cut.

Effectively, we are just slightly adapting what’s known as a classic ‘uniform layer’ hairstyle, where all the sections of the hair are pulled 90 degrees from the head, which in turn follows the natural rounded parts that we all have in our head shapes.


If you have quite fine hair, you’re going to want to create the opposite effect, using a dry matte product with a bit of grit to it, which instead of sealing the hair strands together, forces them apart into different directions effectively creating more volume and fullness.

If you have medium texture hair (not too fine or too thick) you have the freedom to choose which ever finish you prefer best.

I would recommend Hanz de Fuko Quicksand, which is one part styling wax and one part dry shampoo - perfect for this look. It has won countless awards and is considered one of the best hair products in the world today.


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