In the North-east of Scotland, one of the main factors behind the damage of equipment being stored outdoors is corrosion.

A characteristic feature of marine environments is the high salt content, along with other chemicals and pollutants that are present in the surrounding air and seawater.

We were recently approached by an industry leading energy and technology company that had become dissatisfied with the performance, cost and supply of the industrial coating product they were using.

Being located next to the North sea, coupled with wet weather, had resulted in the maintenance of phosphate coated materials becoming one of its biggest challenges, and the firm wanted an environmentally friendly alternative to coat and protect goods being stored in one of its yards.

After a site visit, our expert team recommended the use of Enduralan, a natural, non-toxic, environmentally, and ecologically friendly product.

Due to the coastal location of the yard, it was vital that the product was waterproof and salt, acid, and alkaline resistant. Enduralan was the ideal solution as it leaves a non-drying liquid film that doesn’t evaporate/dry out or wash off, providing the long lasting protection and preservation of goods.

Following its use, the company’s Warehouse and Inventory lead said: “Our previous methods were effective but very time consuming and costly. Using this new product allowed us to preserve materials outside, with no need for internal storage space. Using the product resulted in a total cost saving of more than £6000 on material for our latest delivery – changing from £18 per part to less than 50p.

“As the product has no drying time it meant we could apply it outside in the stock locations – lowering our material handling and forklift movements, and being a greener chemical will help lower our carbon footprint. It also resulted in us pulling back 37.5 man hours carrying out the preservation.”

Customer satisfaction is key at Cistom. We take great pride in being able to create innovative, bespoke, environmentally friendly products that fulfil and often exceed our customers’ expectations and the latest project demonstrates our commitment to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.