Wellhead Electrical Supplies is pleased to present insights from Chris Smith, the Applications Engineering Manager at Orga BV / Tideland Signal. An industry expert in navigational aids, Chris shares insights on the evolution and benefits of upgrading Tideland Systems.

Navigational aids have been crucial in ensuring the safe operations of marine vessels for centuries. Just as ships and seafaring techniques have evolved, so have the technologies and solutions used to guide them. Today, I am pleased to shed light on the evolution of Tideland Signal’s navigational aids and the immense benefits that come with upgrading these systems.

Tideland’s Legacy: 6 Decades of Reliability

For over 60 years, Tideland Signal, now an integral part of the Orga group, has stood as a pillar of innovation and reliability. With a commitment to safety, we have ensured that ports, harbours, and offshore structures worldwide are marked with efficient, high-quality solutions. Working together with Orga BV, we can now showcase our solutions in addition to Orga’s own well established Aids to Navigation product range.

Harnessing Advanced Technologies for Navigational Aids

Tideland’s suite is not only a collection of devices but a testament to technical innovation and industry expertise. With offerings ranging from marine lanterns and foghorns to racons and AIS AtoN, our solutions are continually evolving to meet the challenging demands of the marine environment.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Our newest systems are designed with sustainability in mind. They boast significantly lower power consumption rates, giving them increased autonomy, are cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Enhanced Performance: With cutting-edge technology, our navigational aids offer unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring they remain visible even in the most challenging conditions. This clarity is paramount for safety, especially in bustling marine environments.

A prime example of Tideland’s evolving technology is the MLED-150Ex -10NM External powered marine lantern:

  • LED Efficiency: The MLED-150Ex unites the advantages of LED technology into a Zone 1 environment. Operators benefit from the low power, high reliability, and reduced maintenance that LED technology ensures.
  • MaxiHALO-150 & 180 Hi Design: Built upon the proven foundation of the MaxiHALO-60, the MaxiHALO-150 and 180 Hi assembly serves as the optical source and flasher. Their design is not just about functionality but resilience – housed in a rugged Ex-d well glass suited to withstand the harsh conditions of offshore settings.
  • Compatibility and Monitoring: Both the MLED-150 EX and MLED-180Hi EX are designed to harmoniously integrate with current Tideland Signal Lanterns and systems. The MLED-150 EX can be configured as a secondary (standby) light, which monitors the main light. Should there be a failure in the main light, the secondary light kicks into operation autonomously. Additionally, onboard software consistently oversees the operation of the MLED-150Ex, triggering an alarm if any critical operational parameters are breached.
  • Impressive Visibility: The MLED-150EX boasts an omnidirectional beam that achieves a >10NM visual range with a transmissivity (T) of 0.74, making it suitable for use as a Secondary 10 Mile Light or a standalone Main 10 Mile Light. The MLED-180 HI EX achieves a >15 NM range at (T) 0.74 making it suitable for use as a 15-mile main light when called for in certain regulations.

Smooth Upgrades: Embracing the New While Respecting the Old

One of the many advantages of our newer solutions is the ease with which they can be integrated. Those utilising existing Tideland Systems need not worry about a complete overhaul.

Adaptable Systems: Upgrading doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Operators can seamlessly integrate newer systems, like our efficient Marine Lanterns, into their existing Tideland infrastructure, achieving enhanced performance without the need for complete replacement.

No-Hassle Implementation: Our dedication is to ensure an easy transition for our customers. As such, upgrading with Tideland is now quicker, more straightforward, and failsafe.

Consider this recent project as a prime example:

A Jackup, originally built in the Far East, incorporated both 15- and 10-mile Incandescent Tideland Light Stations, along with 3 Mile Subsidiary Lights, all tied to an older control panel and charger.

Recognising a need for modernisation, Tideland collaborated with the client, laying out a phased upgrade plan tailored to their budget and timeline. This strategy allows for individual upgrades of both Main and Secondary Stations using state-of-the-art, adaptable LED light stations. Importantly, these changes won’t disrupt the existing system during the transition.

By the end of this overhaul, all Main, Secondary, and Subsidiary light stations will shine brilliantly with the advanced MLED-180 Hi EX/MLED-150EX LED lights. The result? Superior performance, enhanced reliability, and notably reduced power and maintenance needs. This ensures the rig’s smooth operations for years to come. What’s more, Tideland offered insights into potential enhancements for the control and charger system, guaranteeing its support in the long run.

Offshore Decommissioning: Shining Light on a Growing Need

As the offshore sector evolves, decommissioning gains prominence. In this regard, the role of our lighting systems cannot be understated:

  • Safety-Driven: Proper illumination is paramount to guarantee that decommissioning processes are executed securely, minimising risks to both personnel and the marine environment.
  • Meeting Global Standards: Tideland’s modern solutions ensure that offshore operators align with international decommissioning norms, underlining the essential role of our navigational aids throughout an offshore structure’s lifespan.
  • Proven Reliability: Tideland prides itself on its long-proven reliability and simple yet robust system design. In decommissioning applications where the ability to revisit an installation is difficult and extremely costly, this is a key requirement, not only for safety but for peace of mind for the operator.

Wellhead Electrical Supplies: A Trusted Distributor

Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES) has been instrumental in distributing Orga Tideland products, ensuring that our cutting-edge solutions reach a wide audience. WES shares our commitment to quality, innovation, and safety, making them a perfect partner in our journey. For 25 years, Orga BV and Wellhead have been collaborating closely. Our partnership goes beyond mere business:

Tailored Solutions: Together, we offer solutions specifically tailored to meet unique operational requirements. This ensures that clients receive a product and service that fits their exact needs.

Shared Vision: Our collective emphasis on safety, innovation, and quality ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, offering the very best to the marine and offshore sectors.

Upgrading your Tideland Systems is more than just embracing new technology. It’s a commitment to enhanced safety, efficiency, and operational excellence. Whether you’re operating in ports, harbours, or offshore environments, now is the perfect time to take the next step in navigational aids evolution.

Ready to make the transition and experience the benefits first hand? Get in touch with Wellhead Electrical Supplies today and our range of Orga Tideland products. Upgrade to the future of marine safety.