The power of video

Steve Beedie knew about the power of video from having run his Unspoken Wounds pages on social media where over the course of 10 years his posts and live videos have amassed a following of thousands.

Through the site and by sharing his own experiences, Steve has helped people from all over the world whom have either suffered personally or had a loved one struggle with PTSD or mental health issues.

Steve reached out to Urbane Media as he was looking to take Unspoken Wounds to the next level and wanted to explore whether they could assist him with this.

As an offshore worker, Steve identified a number of similar behaviours between the offshore environment and the military and wanted to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing and its correlation to productivity and safety.

Urbane Media were keen to work with Steve and felt that a powerful video capturing not only Steve’s own journey but one which captured his drive and passion in helping others and breaking down the barriers and stigma surrounding mental health, would help him attain the exposure he desired.

We came up with the concept of projecting images on to Steve’s body. These would be his own images, powerful images representing the key milestones in his journey. This footage coupled with Steve’s own voice would offer a powerful, unique and compelling story reflective of the subject matter.

The results speak for themselves. Through LinkedIn and Facebook, the content reached more than 119,000 people, with 58,000 engagements, 463 comments and generated 361 new page likes and followers.

The feedback from viewers highlighted how powerful the message was and how the medium had brought PTSD and mental health to the fore for many. And the impact on Steve’s brand was even more pronounced:

He said: “I knew from the moment I engaged Urbane Media that Jo and Kevin really understood my brand. Their creative input, enthusiasm and energy just added to my own. They took my story and listened to my goal which was to reach a wider audience and take Unspoken Wounds to the next level. They wanted to do my story justice and didn’t want to create what was expected or had been done before.

“What happened next was more than I could have hoped for. The video Urbane Media produced has been a game changer for my brand.

“The level of new business and connections has been staggering. My reach and influence has grown substantially since the release of the video. With invitations to speak from RGU, Abertay University & Portsmouth University and endorsements/ testimonials from people of all backgrounds supporting my work to make a change for the better.”

To view the video, please click here.

Exploring the power of video

Exploring the power of video