Below Deep Casing Tools has outlined the run history of Deep Casing Tools MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel from its very first run in April 2021 to its most recent in January 2023.

Overtime the tool has advanced with the introduction of size 3-1/2” in 2022 and the ongoing development of multiple versions which have enhanced the tools capabilities when in operation.

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April 2021 – New Zealand

On April 14, 2021 the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel underwent it’s first run in New Zealand for an international operating company.

As part of an extended oil recovery programme the operator required a workover on an existing extended reach horizontal sand face completion (1,751m of 90° inclination production hole section) to resolve a sand ingress concern which was choking production.

The MechLOK™ was selected as a sound solution allowing for independent swivelling of the conveyance drill pipe from surface to above the liner top.

The tool was run successfully by the operator’s wellsite team with remote support from Deep Casing Tools on both the dummy completion run on the 14th and the actual completion run on the 27th, with friction factors observed accurately matching pre-job torque and drag modelling.

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November 2021 – UAE

Towards the end of October 2021, a primary and backup right hand locking 3-1/2” MechLOK™ tool travelled to Abu Dhabi for a major Middle East operator.

The tool was utilised to deploy a 4-1/2" slotted liner lower completion in a horizontal, extended reach well. It was successfully run in hole, rotating at 40 RPM on the last stand providing additional weight on the hook, available when needed to assist in sliding the lower completion to its target depth.

The hydraulic release of the liner hanger went as planned, however, to demonstrate the complete functionality of the tool the Deep Casing Tools team carried out a mechanical locking sequence after disengaging the liner hanger running tool.

December 2021 – Norway

The 5-1/2” left hand locking MechLOK™ is prepped at the Deep Casing Tools workshop before shipment to Norway for its first European run.

The single MechLOK™ and the NOV i-Con™ Data Monitoring Sub were deployed in a tri-lateral well. The MechLOK™ assisted in the deployment of three screen drop-off runs in a horizontal, highly tortuous multi-lateral project whilst NOV’s i-CON device was utilised effectively to collect torque and tensile and compression parameters at the tool to evaluate functionality.

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January 2022 - UAE

The 3-1/2” right hand locking MechLOK™ tools assistance is required for a second time for a major Middle East operator for an ongoing offshore project. Tool was successfully run in hole on the 23rd.

February 2022 – India

Two right hand 5-1/2” MechLOK™ tools landed in India for a big red coloured major service company’s integrated project managed operations with an international oil company. There, they assisted an offshore project for the deployment of four 8-1/2” stand alone screen lower completions with extended reach well trajectories.

The MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivels ability to unlock (reset) at surface and re-run with no need for redress at surface at on or offshore rig site centres was advantageous on this project. Suited for remote or quick turnaround operations this feature allowed the operator to reduce international freight costs and support a four well project with just two tools. This reduced tool rental and logistics costs, enabling a simpler field operation.

July 2022 – Australia

Two 5-1/2” right hand locking tools were shipped to Western Australia for a major offshore Australian operator where they were successfully deployed in a tri-lateral well off Western Australia.

First run within Australia, it was utilised as part of the complex deployment of lower sand control completions, the same single tool was used in all three deployments. This allowed the client to save logistic time and money by negating the need to send tools onshore for redressing.

The flexibility of the tools ability to reset and rerun were key on this operation. The ease to reset this tool makes it an ideal choice for multi-lateral wellbore completions as well as operations in remote locations where shipping tools in and out of country is challenging.

For the 1st time the MechLOK™ was also run into open hole in two of the three laterals and performed as per the tool’s robust specification.

August 2022 – UK

In the 3rd quarter of 2022 Deep Casing Tools secured the MechLOK™ tools first UK run. In August it was shipped for a major North-Sea operator where it was used effectively for the deployment of a lower sand screen within a complex horizontal well.

The 5-1/2” right hand locking tool deployed the lower sand control completion into a long tortuous open hole section with an extremely shallow true vertical depth (TVD). Its unique functionality gave the client peace of mind that their running tool could be released at any time through simple mechanical manipulation with no ball or dart drop or hydraulic conversion required. Our in-house well engineering support was pivotal in assisting the client before, during and after the job.

September 2022 – UK

Following the success of the first MechLOK™ run within the UK the same major North-Sea operator requested the tools assistance for a second time on the same field.

November 2022 – Australia

Word of the MechLOK™ successes travels within Australia and secures new project with another major international operator.

The 3-1/2” right hand locking tool successfully deployed lower completions to target depth within two single wells.

December 2022 – Malaysia

Two 3-1/2” MechLOK™ tools are packed within Deep Casing Tools headquarters and shipped to partners Eftech Drilling Solutions Kemaman supply base within Malaysia.

The tools assisted an operation for a major international operator for the deployment of a lower 4-1/2” liner in a challenging horizontal section.

January 2023 – Norway

First run of 2023, the 5-1/2” MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel is deployed in Norway for a national oil company alongside partners, NOV Completions.

In addition to the tools first run of the year, it was also the first run with the new style of MechLOK™. The new version allowed for swivel in both tension and compression. On this project it was used on a tri-lateral field development well where it assisted in the deployment of lower completions in all three legs successfully swivelling in tension and compression.

Since its first run in April 2021 Deep Casing Tools MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel has continued to build a diverse run history globally. The tools outlook in 2023 remains positive with projects already confirmed across the first six months of 2023.

If you want to know more about our MechLOK™ tool, contact Eoin Wood our Global Sales and Marketing Manager today by email, or call on +44 (0) 7816 885809. You can also visit our MechLOK™ page on our website where you’ll discover more about the tools specifications and parameters by downloading its datasheet.