The value of a work experience placement

I RECENTLY spent five packed days at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, exploring how businesses function on a day-to-day basis and also how the chamber works to try and lobby government on issues that are important to their members.

Going into my work experience I expected to be doing very mundane work such as photocopying and filing, similar to what I had done during my work experience at a law firm.

In actual fact, I have been able to have a really hands-on approach with many tasks, and have been able to come away with the feeling that I achieved something while I was there and really contributed to the work of the Chamber.

Before I began my work experience, I had a mock interview.

I found this to be a very helpful experience as I was given some good tips on how to improve my CV and interview skills.

This also allowed me to gain an understanding of what types of questions can be asked and will hopefully stand me in good stead for future interviews.

During my work experience placement, I was given the opportunity to meet and sit in on a meeting with MSP Christian Allard.

This meeting allowed me to understand what work a list MSP carries out in their constituency and also what campaign methods list MSP use in the lead-up to the Scottish parliament elections.

The meeting also allowed me to gather very interesting information on how local governments and charities work with MSPs to influence legislation.

This is very important information to have ahead of university as it will be helpful for when I look at political systems and how external groups try to influence local and national governments' decisions.

Overall, I have found my work experience placement at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce to have been a very interesting, engaging and worthwhile experience.

I have found working in the Chamber to have been very beneficial as I plan to study international relations and politics at university.

The placement has given me a practical example of what possible work I could enter into after finishing university.