Tis the season to...GET READY!

It is a traditional thought that the property market shuts down over Christmas and New Year.

Does it though? What do estate agents get up to over this so-called quiet time?

Preparation is the key word I would use. Whilst a few properties will still go on the market through necessity more than anything else, the majority of people will be preparing to hit the market early in the New Year and enjoy one last Christmas at home without viewers having to view properties through twinkly lights and tinsel.

I am expecting a fast start to the new year as over the last few weeks we have been photographing, measuring and floor planning houses so they are ready to hit the market the first day of business in the New Year (January 3). As an agency, we are open between the festive holidays to touch base with our clients and the new clients that will be coming on in the New Year to make sure all the plans are in place and we/they are ready to go. I would say that if you are a person that gets the decorations down on the 27th and are thinking of selling in the New Year please get in touch and get a jump on the rest.

The other reason I am expecting things to pick up really quickly is due to the event that’s coming up on the 29th of March! It’s all the country is talking about just now and due to the uncertainty surrounding it all I have a feeling people will be looking to get things done quickly in anticipation of this.

So there we go, I hope to have quashed the rumour that agents don’t do much over the festive period!

It goes without saying we would be delighted to assist you in the sale of your home in 2019.

Until then, thank you for taking the time to read through this and have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Scott Whigham, property manager at Blackadders LLP

Scott Whigham, property manager at Blackadders LLP