TUBS 2018: NESCol’s Employer Links Programme - Training & Development for the Business Community.

ONEof the aims of North East Scotland College (NESCol) is to work with the business community to provide relevant training opportunities to help develop and build the skills of the workforce of the region. Attending TUBS is an opportunity for us to showcase what we currently offer and to connect with locally based employers to see how the College can help assist you with your training objectives.

For example, did you know that NESCol can help you link-up with and recruit future talent? Or that we offer a wide range of funded courses, some of which are fully funded? We can provide work-based training and we are currently delivering over 400 Modern Apprentice programmes for businesses in the areas of motor vehicle; business and administration; engineering; hairdressing, health & social care, logistic operations and warehousing storage & distribution.

…and if your company is an Apprentice Levy payer, there’s £10,000 (worth of training) waiting here for you!

Start your college conversation at TUBS, drop by our stand and say hello.