More than ever, companies are providing wellness gifts to their core workforce, which includes staff, part-time workers, and contractors. Especially at Christmas time, when no parties are being held, motivation or morale is at its lowest, or people being anxious about mixing with others. Not everyone is comfortable with massage, enjoys pilates, or mindfulness sessions. However, at Urban Wellness Float we offer a very unique wellness experience, in fact it is the most isolated therapy one could wish for.

Floatation Therapy is backed by scientific and medical evidence to help reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety. After the first float, leaving a person with a profound sense of deep relaxation without the tiredness. Some say, like a recharged battery. Strangely, as the week progresses, the human battery cells continue to get recharged, and people report energy levels they have not experienced for a very long time. Also, the mind becomes sharper, more focused, greater clarity with clearer more precise thinking. This is a result of four hours of REM sleep being achieved in one hour within the float room environment.

Staff who feel their wellbeing needs are being met are:

  • Less likely to take time off
  • More likely to feel motivated
  • Cope better with day-to-day stresses of work
  • Be happier at work
  • Feel appreciated

Sensory deprivation effects

A sensory deprivation tank, also called an isolation tank or flotation tank, is used for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). The 10 inches of water in the Float Room is heated to skin temperature and saturated with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), providing buoyancy so you float without effort (think Dead Sea). Note: Urban Wellness Float has the only Float Room in Scotland, which isn’t a tank nor pod.

You enter the room through a full-sized door, and are cut off from all outside stimulation, including sound, sight, and gravity when the room door is closed. As you float weightless in the silence and darkness, the brain enters a deeply relaxed state. The sense of touch is the last sense to be lost, as the water temperature and skin temperature are identical to within a fraction of a degree, so it’s impossible to tell where the body starts and ends as you at one with the water.

Will it make me happier?

There are many claims about flotation-REST causing feelings of overwhelming happiness and euphoria. People have reported experiencing mild euphoria, increased well-being, and feeling more optimistic following therapy using a sensory deprivation tank.

Others have reported spiritual experiences, deep inner peace, sudden spiritual insight, and feeling as if they were born anew.

Every person’s experience is unique to them. Everyone’s body and mind act differently to the environment however, there are few if any, 1 hour therapy experiences that provide a person with five or seven days or more days of ongoing therapeutic benefits.

We have Christmas gift Float Packs designed for small, medium and large companies.

For more information about Christmas Corporate Float Vouchers as wellness gifts or Wellbeing Programmes, please contact:

Urban Wellness Float and Urban Wellness Hub, 6 Balgownie Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB22 8FD.