Urban Wellness Hub & Float support their community with wellness tips to support body and mind health. Urban Wellness Float has shared a reel with reminders for Blue Monday:

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These gentle reminders are a prompt for letting go of thoughts that don't serve or support you, by simply watching them as they come and go, not wrestling/interacting with the thoughts.

Here are a few gentle reminders:

1. Comparison
One of the things that can steal your joy… is comparison.
If you catch yourself comparing yourself, or your life, to others. Acknowledge that, and let the thought pass...💡☁️

2. Focus
Where your attention goes, energy flows…

Ask yourself daily, are my choices supporting the life I want to create?
When making decisions, ask does this feel light or heavy?

3. It’s ok to say no
Remember, it’s ok to say no to things that don’t support you or your business.
There are some people who are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

4. Be you

Don’t ever apologise for who you are... You are unique, you’re one of a kind!!

There’s ALWAYS more love surrounding you than you will ever know.

Be a recovering perfectionist, it’s better to begin and learn, than be debilitated with fear of not getting it right.

The truth is, no one has everything in Life together, we are all just winging it.

5. Learn to Rest
It’s not lazy to rest, it’s necessary for your nervous system and emotions to regulate.

6. Be kind.
Especially to yourself.

The Urban Wellness Hub is a wellness and wellbeing centre in the Bridge of Don, with loads of free on street parking and easy access from the town centre since the new Diamond bridge opened. It’s also home to Urban Wellness Float, Scotland’s only Float Therapy room.

​Details of the Urban Wellness Float can be found at: www.urbanwellnessfloat.co.uk or call 07488 385 013 for more information.