We cannot stop living and working

THE oil and gas industry in the North-east operates internationally, this means that many of you use airports frequently.

Since yesterday’s attacks within Brussels – targeting travel hubs – Auric has had a number of queries as to how best to handle staff travel.

The attackers targeted the departure and leisure areas in the airport where people naturally congregate prior to going through the security checking area.

This created confusion and ensured that a large number of people were affected.

The discovery of an unexploded device could mean that there had been a secondary attack planned once emergency services had arrived to create greater impact.

There is strong potential that airports may be targeted again and you may be travelling to or transiting through one of them.

How should you react?

How should you increase your level of personal safety?

Primarily, we always work with our clients to reinforce to staff that the less time they can spend in departure areas the better.

Get through security as quickly as you can.

Say goodbye to your friends and family in the car and avoid leisure areas.

If you are traveling as part of a group – meet them once you are in departures.

Reduce your reliance on physical check-in, use online check-in and bag drop off.

Prepare your bags and clothing to reduce the amount of time that you spend taking off coats, jackets and shoes … and the amount of time spent rearranging your bags and belongings.

If there is an incident – and you are unfortunately part of it - take stock of your situation. Are you injured? Is any member of your group?

Ultimately, get yourself away from the area as quickly as you can.

Many companies are not strong at journey management – what happens if you are part of an incident and you cannot contact your company to get support?

Make sure that you have an emergency number before you go.

The one thing that we cannot do is stop living and working – however, we can improve our own behavioural security and awareness.