Having access to reliable, up-to-date and cost-effective IT solutions allows companies to survive and thrive. From having a solid IT strategy to implementing best-in-class cyber security practices, there are a huge range of IT services available to companies in Aberdeen, delivered by local specialists.

With over 13 years of experience working with businesses across the North-east of Scotland, we’ve shared four of the most popular IT services in the local region. You can explore these below…

1. Email Security

91% of cyber security attacks on businesses start with a phishing email, highlighting the increased level of risk that businesses face every day. Due to the sheer mass of emails that many employees receive, the chances of a malicious or phishing email slipping through is high - no matter if you are IT-savvy or not.

It only takes one small error in a business's email security network for dangerous malware to spread throughout an entire organisation. With most businesses using their email accounts to share and store sensitive information, finding this in the hands of cyber security criminals can be detrimental.

Built-in security systems are no longer enough - it is important as a business that you spend time strengthening your email security. This is why so many companies are coming to IT Hotdesk, as we offer a variety of multi-layered email security solutions to businesses across Aberdeen including virus protection, email encryption, spam protection and fraud simulation training.

2. IT Strategy

Having an effective IT strategy in place can help accelerate the efficiency of your business operations and unlock your potential to grow. Aligning with your overarching business goals, creating a strategic roadmap for your IT is extremely beneficial - ensuring you avoid potential system issues, enhance efficiencies and maximise security and productivity across your teams. It’s therefore no surprise that this is such a popular service with companies across Aberdeen.

In addition to creating your IT strategy, our team can also provide ongoing IT support, or “managed services” - helping you to implement this strategy in the best possible way. This can be tailored to your needs and current in-house capabilities, often including daily access to knowledge from our highly skilled technicians and 24-hour server and network monitoring.

3. Security Awareness Training

As cyber attacks continue to rise, the need for cyber security training has also increased for businesses across Aberdeen. And with 82% of cyber breaches involving an aspect of human error, it’s more important than ever to strengthen the knowledge of individuals throughout an organisation in order to minimise the chance of an attack - making them your final line of defence and creating a “human firewall”.

The purpose of security awareness training is to inform and educate users throughout an organisation of the risks associated with poor cyber security practices and processes, and increase their knowledge to make them more resilient to potential threats. It equips them with knowledge and tools, and tests their ability to identify and avoid cyber threats.

Our team of cyber security experts are on hand to help educate your workforce on tools and techniques they can use to reduce the chances of a cyber security breach happening. All of our security awareness training courses can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, with interactive modules, real-life scenarios and enterprise-strength reporting.

4. Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud computing software is now being used more frequently throughout businesses, allowing multiple users to have access to the same live information, generating greater cost savings and increased flexibility.

When it comes to operating and managing the security of cloud systems, many people are unsure where to start. At IT Hotdesk, we offer cloud security assessments which are used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current cloud infrastructure, providing you with the relevant information needed to make more informed decisions regarding your cloud computing solutions.

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