When voices rise

A dark October Friday morning and our very own ‘Kilted Chef’ boards a plane bound for Vietnam – not the usual start to a Friday at Eat on the Green. Craig however is carrying the baton for the North-east and for the next 10 days he will be the ‘voice’ of our nation at a global ‘Culinary Stars’ event.

Although geographically adventurous, the ethos is not unusual for the team here. As resident coach at Eat on the Green, I can lay testament to the fact that our culture is celebratory of what we have to say through our food, our people, and our community involvement.

What I also know however, is that this momentum does not just happen! It takes human fundamentals such as belief, desire, hope, courage and determination. It requires cohesion and unity to bring together the power of our voices to forge an optimistic future – one that we constantly believe in at Eat on the Green.

So I am curious Aberdeen ……………..

How often do YOU pause to consider your relationship with the future?

What apprehensions and expectations influence your field of vision?

What are the ambitions that unite this City to navigate the uncertainty of tomorrow?

Come join us at our upcoming ‘In Conversation With’ session on Tuesday, October 30, to hear some inspirational stories from our guest speakers and of course, have your voice heard!

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Marjie Gracie, resident team coach, Eat on the Green

Marjie Gracie, resident team coach, Eat on the Green