Why businesses need to think about multiculturalism and diversity

While a global economy opens opportunities for international trade, communication remains at the core of any organisation whether it looks for active interaction with clients or motivating their staff. Communication is not only at the core of any business relationship. Nowadays, it also influences the attitudes of stakeholders, staff members, trustees and the general public. It therefore affects the working environment where several nationalities may be sharing the same office space in any corner of the world.

Multiculturalism is the practice of giving equal attention to all different backgrounds in a particular setting, thus understanding the conditions surrounding each individual as well as the implications of interacting in a global world. Adopting this view as a core practice within any business setting provides additional opportunities when reaching international markets, but it may prove difficult to tackle and embed into business practice in your own local office.

Aberdeen is the home to the highest percentage of non UK-national residents in Scotland and therefore the practice of multicultural awareness becomes necessary for every organisation whether its interests are local or international. Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC) provides assistance tackling inequalities faced by social groups and minorities living in Aberdeen, whilst providing advice to organisations to inform best practice.

GREC Services

For 35 years, GREC has promoted a positive approach to diversity by offering a range of services to educate, support and consequently improve integration and communication between all groups living in the Grampian region. Support and education are extended to organisations where a lack of knowledge or awareness about discrimination or cultural differences could work in detriment of their own plans and mission statement.

In-Trans – Interpreting and Translation Services

Based in Aberdeen, In-Trans is part of GREC and has been providing language services for over 15 years, currently covering 45 languages. Organisations can trust In-Trans services to take cultural awareness into consideration, thus ensuring that interpreters and translators provide professional language services whilst respecting the importance of the cultural background involved in communication.

Unlike most translation agencies based elsewhere in Scotland, In-Trans works with locally based freelance translators and interpreters who can promptly respond to clients’ needs in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Our goal is to spread multiculturalism, quality and equality through language.

Staff Training Services – Equality

'Equality' covers a range of topics relevant to any organisational culture, such as unconscious bias, discrimination and intersectionality. These essential concepts can play an important role in Personnel development and staff satisfaction. For instance, intersectionality and cultural awareness trainings facilitate understanding of how staff are active contributors to their own working environment and provides the right setting to manage cultural and social differences in a culture that respects each individual and values contributions for the organisation’s future growth.

Consultancy Services

Taking into consideration that staff are the most important resource within any organisation, a clear plan of action to enhance cultural awareness and integration improves the potential to achieve goals in the short and long term. GREC can provide tailor-made research and assessment services in order to establish specific needs and the best strategies to tackle these within a framework based on embracing diversity and equality.