ApparelXchange is a social enterprise dedicated to kids clothing reuse. Our mission is to reduce the impact of clothing on our planet by providing sustainable clothing services and influencing consumer behaviour through knowledge and empowerment.

Our core function is the reuse, repair and retail of kids clothing and footwear, keeping items in use for as long as possible. We also gather data on product design, failures, end of life destinations and seek to influence sustainable consumer behaviour particularly amongst young people.

• We work with primary and secondary schools to gather and reuse pre-owned clothing and school uniform, footwear and accessories.

• Our online shop, school pop-up shops and Glasgow store provide customers with a convenient way to make environmentally positive clothing choices whilst they are at school.

Through our business, we are able to support our customers to reduce carbon emissions and waste which brings with it strong customer loyalty. By being able to offer lower cost items we are also able to help tackle social inequality. Through volunteering we support our volunteers develop new skills and knowledge and through our retail outlets provide local employment

There still remains a stigma associated with reuse and customer behaviour is variable. Competing with large retail is challenging. However, having said that there is the beginning of a revolution in sustainable fashion and networks supporting those committed to sustainable fashion such as Sustainable Fashion Scotland helps build collaboration and customer awareness is growing.

What advice would you give to someone starting a circular business?

• Innovation takes time! Undertake a market analysis, determine trends and define your USP.

• Test and refine. Always be ready to adapt.

• Collaborate to help you gain market reach.

• Think social! Can you tackle inequality through skills and services?

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