We started-up an initiative through the King’s Community Foundation to look at recycling and reusing overalls from offshore to put them to use for local charities, groups and organisations that are in need of them.

How does your organisation support the circular economy?
The new initiative – ‘Overhaul the Overalls’ – is aimed at recycling and reusing overalls and other personalised clothing and equipment from offshore, by de-branding it and donating it to various groups and charities, both locally and abroad. It looks to reduce waste for companies and costs for charities.

How is your approach innovative?
It is minimal cost to the companies and installations that no longer require the items and is no cost for those who are looking to obtain and use them. In addition, it reduces waste as most/all of these items would otherwise just be binned or left somewhere taking up space rather than being used.

What are your key challenges?
Getting items donated so that we can have plentiful supplies, and having suggestions for more groups or causes who could put them to use. Most of all we could do with some support with modifying the overalls, etc – whether that be through some embroidery or tailoring (anyone with sewing expertise or machines is most welcome to get in touch!) or just some basic work with scissors and taping – after all, ‘many hands will make light work’…

Where do you see the organisation in five years’ time?
No idea! If we could continue the initiative and keep it visible to companies over a long period that would be great, but primarily we’d like to do what we can with the resources available right now. If there are other means that we can engage with companies to recycle/reuse items and reduce waste and costs, that could be of benefit to charities and other groups, then we’d certainly be open to see where and what we could support.

What message would you give to other organisations to encourage them to work on the circular economy?
I think that identifying and seizing small opportunities to support the circular economy is within the reach of all organisations, and if you can get a lot of groups pulling together then I think we have the potential to make a real difference. The initiative we are pursuing isn’t rocket science, and so many opportunities to help and improve things are similar – once you have the initial idea I think the rest is about putting in the effort and gaining visibility.

Quick fire Q&A

What was your first job?
Working on a driving range (as a keen golfer, it’s probably still the best job I’ve ever had! haha) My first ‘real’ job in oil and gas was as a subsea engineer, focusing on diving and ROV work – it was a great introduction to the industry.

Who, or what inspires you?
People who are passionate about other people. Whether it’s through their job, their hobbies, charity work, etc. I’m fortunate to know and have met many such people, and I think they can be a great inspiration, encouragement and even role model for myself and others to aspire to.

What is your motto in life?
If you’re not facing a challenge, you’re not making a change.