In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce international network, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK's 'Emerging Stronger' series brings together business leaders and opinion makers from both sides of the North Sea.  After years of debating, delaying and discussing, Britain finally left the European with a trade deal on January 1, 2021. But what now? What is next for the United Kingdom, and where is it heading? In the aftermath of a hard pandemic-hit and Brexit infused recession, what are we to make of its new relationship to its greatest neighbour, the European Union? This, against a backdrop of a United States in turbulence, and years of distancing itself, and a rising China. How do we emerge stronger?

The discussions are moderated by Nik Gowing, director and founder of Thinking the Unthinkable and former BBC news anchor.
Speakers confirmed to date:
Charlotte Erkhammar, chief executive officer at Kreab Group

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