Moneycorp, one of the UK's largest independent foreign exchange and international payments specialist continues to support Chambers across the country via Chamber FX. 

With COVID-19 impacting every facet of our daily lives, and Brexit still going ahead as planned, Niall Handy, head of corporate for Scotland and Northern Ireland will host a live Q&A webinar addressing topics such as the impact on currencies, what the currency market may have in store and how to manage foreign exchange (FX) risks in what is now a volatile market place. 

“Just when we thought we were making some progress with Brexit, along comes COVID-19 which has managed to completely turn our world upside down and it may never be the same again. For a business who imports, exports or is part of an international group structure, then Foreign Exchange and International Payments should be close to the top of the 'priority risk' pile. For the majority of companies immediate improvements can be made whether that’s through cost efficiencies, mitigating risk or fine tuning existing hedging strategies."

This webinar aims to help members by demystifying FX by providing some ideas and thoughts around best practice when it comes to currency and international trade.

Niall has over 18 years corporate and investment banking experience. After running the Scottish Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Risk management portfolio for a Tier 1 bank, he joined Moneycorp in 2019 to lead their Scottish office. His experience covers a wide range of sectors and includes businesses ranging from SMEs to multinational companies. 

There will be the opportunity to ask any questions you may have via live chat on the day, but you can also send questions in advance to  

To find out about Moneycorp contact Niall Handy on 07436535647 or by email at

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