Creating value with sustainable decommissioning: learning from best practice in North Sea oil and gas, and offshore wind

Decommissioning of energy infrastructure presents a huge challenge for operators, yet opens a new global market of at least $1tn with tremendous business opportunities.

The North Sea oil and gas sector has made promising progress in decommissioning expertise and cost reductions. Decommissioning for offshore wind is only just starting. This webinar will facilitate knowledge exchange between the North Sea oil and gas and offshore wind sectors.

A key part of this morning webinar will be the speakers who will be sharing the latest insights into decommissioning of North Sea oil and gas from the perspective of a circular economy, and who will talk about proactive approaches to optimise values throughout the lifecycle of energy infrastructure assets, including “design for decommissioning”.

You’ll hear from:

Dr Colin Mackie, associate professor in Business Law at the University of Leeds will discuss:

  • key areas for concern in the regulatory frameworks governing the provision of decommissioning security for offshore energy projects in the United Kingdom. (‘decommissioning security’ will encompass the various instruments that licensees and developers may use to evidence ability to meet their decommissioning requirements, if required by the regulator)

Prof Giorgio Locatelli, professor of Project Business Strategy at the University of Leeds will discuss:

  • how the energy sector has historically focussed on the planning, design and construction of energy infrastructures, while typically overlooking the processes required for the management of end-of-life, and in particular decommissioning
  • how decommissioning of existing and future energy infrastructures is constrained by a plethora of technical, economic, social and environmental challenges that need to be understood and addressed to make a net-positive contribution

Roger Esson, Oil & Gas Technology Centre will discuss:

  • the main benchmarking practice(s) used in North Sea oil and gas decommissioning
  • systems for sharing lessons learned on decommissioning and how well they are working for North Sea oil and gas
  • approaches or systems to pass on lessons learned on decommissioning to offshore wind

Prof Tina Hunter, professor of Energy and Resources Law at Macquarie University will discuss:

  • Examples of law and governance around the world where oil and gas decommissioning in terms of environmental, social and/or economic performance is going really well with a particular focus on Norway and the in-country programme there
  • countries where a greater proportion of oil and gas infrastructure components and equipment are reused or repurposed, rather than being sent directly to recycling (when compared to the UK – discussion will focus on Norway and Russia)

08:30 Welcome - Charlotte Stamper, Zero Waste Scotalnd and Terri Vogt, Circular North-east
08:35 Roger Esson, Oil & Gas Technology Centre - Benchmarking practices in oil and gas and sharing lessons learned
08:45 Prof Tina Hunter, Macquarie University - International oil and gas decommissioning best practice
08:55 Dr Colin Mackie, University of Leeds - Cost assurance for decommissioning in the UK
09:05 Dr Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds - Current circular economy practices in North Sea oil and gas and offshore wind end of life management
09:15 Leading by example: circular business showcase

  • Renewable Parts
  • Legasea
  • Angus 3D Solutions
  • Reflex Subsea
  • NexStep

09:35 Prof Giorgio Locatelli, University of Leeds - The emerging decommissioning market
09:45 Q&A
09:55 Close and thanks

Funding acknowledgement
This event will close the ESRC £15k funded Impact Acceleration Account project “The social, economic, technical and environmental values of North Sea oil & gas decommissioning for local communities and companies” by University of Leeds and Zero Waste Scotland (part of grant ES/T501955/1), and enable knowledge exchange for the collaborative EPSRC, University of Leeds, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and Department for International Trade secondment project “A Sustainable Circular Economy for Offshore Wind”.

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