Uzbekistan exports £15bn of goods each year, has 594 million barrels of proven oil reserves and is one of few economies left largely unscarred by the global pandemic - and now Uzbekistan is on a mission to do more business with firms in North-east Scotland.
Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce is hosting a round table discussion with representatives from the Embassy of Uzbekistan to discuss shared opportunities in the energy, agriculture and food and drink sectors.
In particular, the country’s government hopes to increase agricultural productivity through the adoption of new technologies, and to further develop processing and packaging capabilities to add value to domestic and export products.
An emerging market
Uzbekistan is a double landlocked central Asian nation rich in both natural resources and trading heritage.
In 2011, the World Bank re-classified Uzbekistan from a low-income to a lower middle-income nation, and since the early 90s, Uzbekistan has pursued a cautious and gradual approach to economic reforms.
This has created a strong import/export market. The top imports for Uzbekistan are vehicle parts, packaged medicaments, refined petroleum, cars and planes/helicopters. Its top exports are gold, petroleum gas, non-retail pure cotton yarn, refined copper, and ethylene polymers.
Agriculture is an important sector of Uzbekistan’s economy, accounting for approximately 28% of GDP and around 27% of the country’s jobs.
Cotton and grain are the country’s principal crops, but the elimination of quotas and price controls in 2020-2021 will facilitate a shift to higher-value fruit and vegetable cultivation.
Energy sector
Roughly 60% of Uzbekistan’s known oil and natural gas fields are located in the Bukhara-Khiva region. The region is the source of approximately 70% of the country’s oil production.The country has three oil refineries located in Ferghana, Alty-Arik, and Bukhara, with a total crude oil distillation capacity of 232,000 b/d. The refineries typically operate below capacity because of insufficient domestic oil production.

Uzbekistan’s sole domestic crude oil pipeline links the Ferghana and Alty-Aryk refineries but virtually no international oil pipeline infrastructure. A single crude oil pipeline runs through Uzbekistan, linking the Shymkent refinery in 
Kazakhstan to the Chardzhou refinery in North-eastern Turkmenistan.

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